🔨 Project Completed: Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Customer's Garage

 🔨 Project Completed: Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Customers Garage


Alliance Expert Services is delighted to announce the successful installation of a Ductless Air Conditioning/Heating Mini-split system in a customer's garage. Our team was tasked with providing an efficient heating and cooling solution for the unique space, ensuring optimal comfort and functionality while maintaining a sleek and tidy installation.


The primary challenge revolved around customizing the HVAC solution to suit the garage's specific layout and requirements. Alliance Expert Services meticulously analyzed the space to provide the most effective system, ensuring that it met both the client's needs and our quality standards.


Our experienced technicians meticulously installed the Mini-split, expertly integrating it into the garage. Not only did we ensure the system's seamless functionality, but we also paid close attention to the aesthetic aspect, providing a clean, visually appealing setup.


The project was completed with precision and efficiency. The client was highly satisfied, not only with the installation but also with our team's thorough guidance on the system's operation and maintenance, leaving them confident and informed about their new HVAC solution.

Alliance Expert Services is proud to have delivered another successful project, showcasing our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction in every HVAC solution we provide. If you have any HVAC needs or inquiries, don't hesitate to contact us for top-tier service and solutions tailored to your requirements.

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

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